About Us

Sun Creative Group is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with support and production offices in the Philippines, India and Sri Lanka. We are a full-service ad agency that provides almost any marketing or support services your business or organization will require.

When it comes to App Development we help you adapt the right process, methodologies and IT Strategies for your business. Our mobility team is expert in crafting user-friendly and simple solutions so that you could seamlessly achieve your business goals. Furthermore, our product delivery practices and processes enable us to align our services and solutions with your key business requirements. You will also discover that we can provide affordable solutions within your budgets without sacrificing quality.

We specialize in the production of PWA (Progressive Web Apps) that can be downloaded on iPhone and Android devices. This new technology has taken the production and cost of IOS or Android apps from sometimes $5000 – $10,000 to less than $1000.